Musa Hasan - The Programmer - The Developer

Web Developer/Programmer

Being a junior developer and programmer, I have grown to love web development and design (front-end and back-end). I've been programming for 6 years. I am self-taught and am currently self-employed within the realm of computer and web programming/design.

: 404-435-2935


: Atlanta, GA

My Education

Tuskegee University

Jan 2001 - May 2008


BS - Animal And Poultry Science
MS - Cancer Biology


Jan 2011 - Present

Completed Classes

HTML/CSS, SASS, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, Command Line, Git, Introduction to HTML, Responsive Web Design, Introduction to CSS, Sever-side development with Nodejs, Web Application development with Javascript and MongoDB, Full Stack Web Development, Responsive Website Development and Design, HTML-CSS-Javascript, Javascript Essential Training, Angular Template Design and Implementation, Learning Angular JS2, CSS Essential Training, HTML5 For Flash Developers, Building A Website with Node.JS/ExpressJS, Angular JS training, Building a Data Driven App, Learning NPM the NODE Package Manager, Node JS -first look, Creating an interactive Timeline with Jquery, Creating Restful API, LAN/WAN

Skill Set


Work Experience

Bread And Butter Farms LLC

March 2012 - Dec 2014

Web/App Developer

Bread And Butter Farms is an urban farm that wanted to become more visible on social media and the web. They developed a CSA in which individuals or families could purchase 10lb boxes of produce every week for 13 weeks. As a customer of Bread and Butter Farms I saw a need to make the payment process easier as well as the online registration form.

  • Created a website with a registration form from scratch
  • Focused on SEOs to increase traffic to website
  • Created a generic ecommerce website with a list of veggies, their prices and checkout.


Feb 2014 - Jun 2015

App Developer

Flip is a small local business that focuses on buying/selling items via your cell phone; similar to letgo. I was hired to develop the app from concept to go-live and then to maintain and update the app.

  • Using HTML, CSS, Nodejs, Angular, JQuery to develope, create, debug, and test the app
  • Utilized Node and MongoDB for server-side development
  • Utilized Abode illustrator/photoshop to design how the UI will look in the app

Freedom Nation

July 2015 - July 2017

Web/App Developer

Freedom Village is a 205 Acre Maker’s town built exclusively for makers, innovators, artists and creatives by makers, innovators, artists and creatives. 1 hour from the 3rd largest port in the US and the busiest airport in the world, Freedom Village is set in a county that has created the legal leeway that makers need to live a lifestyle of experimentation, growth and freedom. The entire town produces its own electricity, water and natural gas on an internally developed distributed energy production Smart Grid. I have collaborated on several different technical projects with Freedom Nation

  • Help a website and registration form
  • Help design layout and grid for app/websites