Musa Hasan - The Programmer - The Developer

Programming is a way of life! Let me help you program yours. Be it a general website for friends and family or a business (small or large), I am here to help design an interactive website, an app, restful API, server, big data etc. Please see resume tab for more specifics on the many ways I can help you design a picturesque canvas for your audience

Coding is fun! My process for designing webpages begin the old fashion way; with pencil and paper. We begin by drawing and writing out the ideas I've collected from you. We then begin designing and bringing those ideas together using different Adobe platforms. We then begin coding using HTML, CSS, SASS and any other needed modalities such as Javascript, Nodejs, Express, Angularjs, MongoDB to bring our visualizations to life. Learning, being creative, working as a team, meeting inspirational people, and coding are all what makes being a developer fun!

Being a junior developer and programmer, I have grown to love web development and design (front-end and back-end). I've been programming for 5 years. I am self-taught and am currently self-employed within the realm of computer and web programming/design. I didn't start out programming; quite the opposite. I have a BS degree in Animal and Poultry Science as well as a Masters in Cancer Biology. Oddly working for companies such as Harvard, American Cardiovascular Institute, The Ohio State University, Emory etc., technology has always shadowed all aspects of my research, from imaging to databases to hemodynamic monitoring to big data, and I am considered an expert in such scientific specialties. Constantly manipulating these different technical modalities lead me to programming and I now seek to develop my technical prowess and become more efficient. Having technical dexterity is currently necessary and I am now able to design and deploy websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript and MEAN Stack. I would also love to incorporate my technical abilities with my advanced science and biology background, developing software/apps/websites that aid in monitoring and recording health; such as an app that records blood pressure, heart rate, EKG etc, but passes that data on to a doctor's handset or an app that can monitor neo-intimal growth, cholestoral etc. It would also be really cool, if a pacemaker could be controlled or restarted by a doctor hundreds of miles away. There are so many cool things that we can do with tech and medicine and I'd like to be apart of it.